About Us

Our Values

  1. Love
    We designed all programs and activities out of our love for children. We believe all children deserve the best education and nurturing environment. All children in Blooms will be loved unconditionally.
  2. Family
    Blooms is our second home. Here everyone is welcomed and treated equally regardless of their age, race, religions, and ethnics background. We fiercely care and protect each other.
  3. Leadership
    We lead by example in everything we say and do. “Leadership is not about being in charge. Leadership is about taking care of those in your charge” -- Simon Sinek
  4. Excellence
    We strive to be the best we can, to exceed expectations. Continuous learning is our way to provide best quality care for our students.
  5. Integrity
    We act responsibly at all time. Honesty is our upmost priority
  6. Commitment
    We do all we can to achieve our missions.

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